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Whether you are looking for the best re-financing lenders, insurance brokers, real estate help, books to read or tax professionals - this wonderful list of Recommended Resources for Optometrists and other high-earning professionals has you covered!

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If you’re looking for trusted and experienced professionals and services to help you, take a look at the following.

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Education is everything! Looking for your next investing or financial book to read or podcasts to listen to? Check out these Editor's picks! 

Turned down by the big banks for a home mortgage due to your massive student loan or practice loan? Check out these banks who will actually take the time to do underwriting and find you the best mortgage that works for your situations! 

Preparing for the worst financial catastrophe and don't know where to start? Check out these insurance brokers who will educate and help you find the best plans for your situation! 

Tired of doing your own taxes? Or just plain confused?  Then a great tax expert can be worth their weight in gold. Check out these great professionals! 

While we advocate for do-it-yourself financial investing, sometimes you might need a little hand-holding or guidance.  Check out these heavily-vetted financial advisory service! 

Wondering if your new employment contract is screwing you over? Check out these great health-care experienced lawyers!

Ready to take the big leap into ownership? Here are some great consultants and lenders who will work with you to make your dream come true! 

Looking for a new home purchase or planning to get into RE investing? Check out these services for your new agent, property manager and even lenders!