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Roth-IRA: Why is it So Awesome!

Why is the Roth IRA so Awesome? All right, let’s talk about the amazing and hidden powers of this tax-efficient retirement account. The Roth IRA is so complicated in its details that there is literally been a whole book written solely devoted to the topic. We are going to give you the basics of why…


Retirement Series Part 4: Pay Yourself First and Make it Automatic

Pay yourself FIRST and Make it AUTOMATIC Have you ever look at your friends who are always complaining about money and wonder how they truly handle their finances? They are not; they are probably living paycheck to paycheck. They probably have trouble paying their bill and don’t know how much to budget each month. They…


Retirement Series Part 3: Selecting the Right Account

Selecting the right Retirement plan for you: Okay, let get technical real fast and define all the different types of retirement plans out there first before we dive into which one ideally works best for your financial situation. Check out the Retirement chart and refer back as needed. Remember our goal is maximize all the…


Retirement Series Part 2: How Much Do I Need?

How Much Do I need for Retirement? Now that I impress you with the magic potential of compounding, how much do we really need in retirement?? Go ahead, think of a number. $50,000? $100,000? $750,000? You are probably way off! As a general guideline, most people need: This rule assumes a few educated factors: Average…


Retirement Series Part 1: Compounding Magic

You are probably a new hotshot young doctor with a brand-new job, finally getting the big doctor salary paycheck. I know you probably want to live your life after being in school for over 8+ years. I mean you feel like you deserve it right?? I know you want to travel the world and live…


Purchasing a Practice – The 4 Methods of Valuing a Practice

There are a myriad of ways to calculate the value of the practice. Although some methods may be used more than others, there is no “100% correct way” of valuing a practice. Ultimately the value of a practice becomes a mutual agreement between the potential seller and potential buyer. The buyer assumes it to be…


The Resume

[Guest Post:  Dr. Chris Lopez is a contributor for ODs on Finance and optometrist at a group OD practice in New York. He founded Optocon, a consulting company that helps optometry students and new grads navigate the career search. Contact him with questions:] First Impressions Matter. They can make a world of difference in…


7 Reason why Indexed Universal/Whole Life Insurance Suck

During the lifetime of ODs on Finance, we have received quite a few messages from doctors, family and friends about Indexed Universal Life Insurance (IULs).  IULs are promoted to mimic the Index SP 500 return. They are basically Whole/University/Variable insurance in disguise and present a variety of unneeded complications. Don’t fall for them! An important…


Five Tips for Keeping Debt Low During Optometry School

Optometry school is an exciting time.  You begin a rigorous and in depth education that will directly impact your future.  You meet lifelong colleagues and friends. You learn skills that you will use to improve the lives of countless patients, and in turn, these skills will in turn help you make a living. However your…

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